By Mazhar M. Butt, D.M.D.
July 24, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: root canals  

Finding out you need a root canal can be frightening news; you've likely heard that this is the worst of all dental procedures. But Dr. root canalMazhar Butt, your dentist in Carbondale, IL, has some much better news for you: root canals aren't painful at all! In fact, this treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, actually relieves dental pain. You can learn the truth about root canals in this blog post.

Bad reputation for no good reason

Prior to the routine usage of local anesthesia, most dental procedures had a certain amount of pain associated with them. However, cavity fillings and tooth extractions became much easier for both the patient and the dentist in the early 1900's, when an injection of Novocaine and other anesthetics began to precede any dental procedure. It isn't clear why root canals have maintained the reputation of being painful after all these years, but your Carbondale, IL, dentist, Dr. Mazhar Butt, assures his patients that root canals are no more painful than any other dental restorative procedure you might need.

The truth about root canals

For many patients, pain when biting down or an uncomfortable sensitivity to hot and cold foods is alleviated after a root canal. That's because this procedure removes the endodontic parts of the tooth; these are the structures of soft tissues, blood vessels and nerves that are found within each tooth. Decay that has progressed beyond the outer layers of the tooth or deep breakage will often lead to infection inside the tooth, which is repaired by your dentist cleaning out the damaged tissues and filling the inside of the tooth with an inert rubber material. A crown seals off the tooth from any further damage and allows you to retain your smile and your ability to eat and talk normally. Best of all, you're out of pain!

If your Carbondale, IL, dentist, Dr. Mazhar Butt, tells you that you need a root canal, you no longer have to gasp in horror; now you can breathe a sigh of relief! If you have any further questions about root canals or need to schedule a dental appointment, contact our office today!