By Mazhar M. Butt, D.M.D.
June 25, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Dental Visit  

When to Visit the DentistUnfortunately, many people don't visit the dentist until they're experiencing major pain and extensive dental work is needed. Some patients assume that the problem will go away on its own, or they have severe anxiety that prevents them from getting a checkup. The truth of the matter is the more regularly you visit Dr. Mazhar Butt at his Carbondale, IL dentist office, the better the chance that he can spot problems early on and resolve them with minimal dental work. 

Regular Checkups
According to the experts at the American Dental Association, you should see your dentist at least two times per year for regular checkups. A standard checkup includes a visual exam, cleaning and treatment recommendation. You may also have to get new X-rays to properly evaluate your dental health. A good rule of thumb is to set up one checkup after the holidays (think of your exposure to all of those holiday sweets!) and another six months later during the summertime or early fall.

Urgent Reasons to Visit the Dentist
There are some cases when you should see your Carbondale, IL dentist urgently. Here are a few signs that an urgent visit is necessary:

  • Bleeding teeth or gums
  • Severe pain that makes it difficult impossible to chew
  • Chipped, broken or loose tooth due to injury
  • Object lodged in the gums

If you have any of these symptoms, call to ask for an appointment as soon as possible. The earlier you come in, the better the chance that your dentist can fix the problem quickly.

At Home Dental Care
There are simple actions you can take daily at home to ensure that you have good checkups at the dentist and avoid the need for urgent dental care.

  • Brush twice per day (preferably with an ultrasonic brush) and floss after meals to remove food particles.
  • Rinse with mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide regularly.
  • Examine your teeth and gums carefully every day.

Call Today for an Appointment
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